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Welcome to the Culinary Gorilla Website

The Urban Dictionary defines the phrase "800-pound gorilla" as "... A seemingly unbeatable presence always to be reckoned with; whose experience, influence, and skill threatens to defeat competitors with little effort." I hope you see me as an "800-pound gorilla" in the culinary world. This site is dedicated to my enjoyment of the history, science, preparation and consumption of food.

Here Is A Description Of What You Will Find Inside
Page Description
Home You're here! Go To Change Log
About Me A little about me.
Musings Some thoughts on food related topics such as recipes, restaurants and molecular gastronomy
Glossary The language of cooking is international. This a short glossary of some of my favorite terms.
Tips and Tricks Here you will find interesting facts , tips, tricks and tidbits that have improved my cooking. I hope you will enjoy and learn from them.
Vintage Cookery [Coming Soon!] These are some comments, facts, and fun information from my collection of vintage (late 19th century through mid-20th century) cookbooks.
Do You Know? Have you ever run accross an ingredient that is unfamiliar or confusing, such as the difference between Rice Wine and Rice Wine Vinegar? This page has lots of interesting information that I hope clears up some confusion.
Reviews Short reviews of restaurants I have visited. Each with its own "banana" rating.
Recipes Some of my favorite recipes.
Favorite Culinary Things Some of my favorite food and culinary things, like TV personalities, books, cooking utensils, etc.
Chilled Fork - Plastic Salt and Pepper Many years ago Mrs. Gorilla and I visited a now defunct Howard Johnson's Restaurant ( Remember the orange and turquoise roof?). On the table was the usual napkin holder, menu holder and white plastic salt shaker and black plastic pepper shaker.

We ordered a simple meal that included a salad. It arrived with a chilled fork! Something usually only found in a better class of restaurant. To this day anything I find in the culinary world that seems unexpected I refer to as a Chilled Fork - Plastic Salt and Pepper.

Favorite Food Related Pictures Some of my favorite food and culinary pictures.
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